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Online Banking

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Online banking offers you quick access to your Yosemite Farm Credit accounts from anywhere, any time.

With online banking, you can:

  • Transfer funds from selected YFC accounts to your commercial bank account
  • Download your account activity to Excel
  • See detailed views of your account activity
  • Receive e-mail updates when your account balances go above or below specified amounts
  • Transfer funds from your commercial bank account to invest in a Cash Management Account for market-rate interest

Our online banking system uses a comprehensive security strategy to protect accounts and transactions. View our Online Banking Agreement, for details about how we protect your information.

Online Banking Frequently Asked Questions

You can check your account balance, account name, available credit, accrued interest, and recent transactions from your Account Home page.

Yes! Transfers, ACHs, and all other activity on the account can be viewed by clicking on the link next to each account.

Create a single transfer or multi-transfers through the Payments & Transfers page.

Yes, the system will generate email alerts if your account password is changed or if a pending transfer/payment is initiated.

We recommend contacting your branch to receive an accurate payoff balance for a loan.

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