Agricultural Financing

As a farmer owned cooperative, we are dedicated to serving our neighbors in the agriculture community with the best agriculture financial products and solutions. We take pride in servicing our members beyond their expectations.

Agricultural Financing

Dairy Farmers

We are dedicated to our dairy customers. As of 2018, Merced and Stanislaus counties boast a total of 391 dairies, with 206 in Merced County and 185 in Stanislaus County. Merced and Stanislaus counties produce an astounding 25 percent of California’s milk production.

California has been the nation’s leading milk-producing state since 1993 and accounts for nearly 20 percent of U.S. milk, so it is unsurprising that dairy is one of our most valued ag commodities. A substantial amount of farmland in the Central Valley is dedicated to dairies, and Yosemite Farm Credit is proud to provide financial support for land purchases, dairy facilities, dairy cattle, feed, and other needs of operators.

Almond nuts growing on a tree

Orchards & Vineyards

The Central Valley’s orchards and vineyards are important not just locally, but across the nation. Our state grows 99 percent of the country’s almonds, artichokes, dates, figs, grapes, olives, pistachios, plums, rice, and walnuts. There are more than 200 different crops grown in California, some not formally grown anywhere else in the nation.

In California alone, there are 480,000 acres of wine grapes and 83,000 acres of table grapes. Farmers produce over 700,000 acres of bearing almonds and 223,000 acres of walnuts. The Central Valley is home to most of this acreage and Yosemite Farm Credit is fortunate to be located at the heart of this key farming region.

Beef Cattle

California is the second-ranked producer of beef livestock products in the nation. The cattle-related activity in Merced and Stanislaus counties alone accounts for almost 441,000 head of cattle. Livestock loans are not limited to beef cattle expenses such as cow and calf loans, herd loans and stocker loans. We also provide livestock loans for sheep, turkeys, hogs, and horses.

We understand that livestock businesses can vary widely, and we appreciate the importance and challenges of the industry. Many of the employees at Yosemite Farm Credit have personal experience in these types of operations. No matter how you choose to operate, our team can supply the financial expertise to help your business thrive.

Row Crop Farms

The Central Valley is home to a myriad of field and row crops, including direct-consumption crops like tomatoes, melons, beans, and sweet potatoes, as well as livestock feed such as alfalfa, silage corn, and oats.

Our team of experts has an in depth understanding of the seasonal risk and requirements it takes to grow row crops. For decades, we’ve assisted farmers with the financing to produce these crops and more. Our financing is backed by our deep knowledge of these operations and is catered to your particular needs. Commodity pricing is ever-changing, and we pride ourselves on our ability to lend perspective and experience.

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