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As a farmer owned cooperative, we are dedicated to serving our neighbors in the agriculture community with the best agriculture financial products and solutions. We take pride in servicing our members beyond their expectations.

Products & Services

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Understanding how YFC can help your business

We think lending should be as simple and efficient as possible. We forecast every aspect of a customer’s operation to determine how income and expenses fit the budget. It’s a transparent process that helps us better fit our customers’ needs, and it sets us apart from other lenders.

Real Estate Loans

We are the market leader in real estate lending.

Our accomplished staff has a wealth of experience in custom-tailoring flexible and competitive loans to meet your real estate financing needs to grow or start your business. Common real estate financing uses include farm and ranch purchases, orchard and vineyard developments, refinancing other lenders, recapitalization of businesses, and more.

Facility under construction in rural California

Construction Financing

We help our customers upgrade and expand current facilities.

Our construction loans provide financing for a wide variety of projects and are tailored to the specific needs of our customers. These construction loans are related directly to growing your ag business.

Row of cows eating in a farm

Dairy Loans

We help customers build everything from lagoons to robotic milking machines from the ground up.

Examples of dairy industry loan improvements include milk barn remodels, free-stall construction, lagoons, and digesters. With a dedication to building long-term relationships, our industry experts use their knowledge of milk production and processing to provide lending solutions tailored to your business.

Almond orchard blossoming in the Central Valley

Orchard Development

We can assist with the essentials to start and sustain an orchard.

Development loans broadly cover expenses such as agronomy, environmental due diligence, groundwork, planting and irrigation system development, to name a few. We provide our customers the time they need to build and grow during the tenuous and financially demanding early years of an orchard’s life.

Tractor on a wide open field in California

Operating Loans

Operating loans allow farmers the flexibility to manage their businesses or improve their real estate investments.

Our farm operating loans and lines of credit can help you manage the day-to-day expenses so your business can focus on the future. An operating loan or revolving line of credit can provide much-needed liquidity. Whether it’s used for repairs, feed or seed, more cash on hand can help keep your operation running smoothly.

Field of corn in the Central Valley, California

Crop Loans

We offer short-term financing that covers a seasonal crop cycle of expenses.

That may include pre-harvest and harvest overhead expenses such as debt service, fixed capital, living expenses and taxes.


We provide cow and calf loans, herd loans, and stocker loans.

Cow/calf loans are for funding operating needs, breeding bulls, or replacement heifers; herd loans are typically used for the purchase of cattle, quota, equipment, and capital improvements; and stocker loans are short-term financing for the purchase, feed, maintenance and care of stocker cattle. In addition, we have feed and farming credit lines as well as prepaid feed lines so our customers can purchase feed for year-end tax planning purposes.

Solar Panels on a grassy farm field

Ag Tech

Our team evolves with the times.

Just like our customers, we continue to learn how to use technology to become more efficient. Examples of loan requests include items such as electronic tractors, automatic tree shakers and spray rigs, solar, robotics, and more. Our flexible nature allows us to tackle interesting challenges our customers face.

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